New Years Goals

In this new year i plan on watching as many foreign films as I can. I love to watch movies from other countries and now that I’ve found a movie theater that shows all the new releases from India i’m excited to have a fun new year of watching these movies. My plan is to watch the first two Don movies then to watch the top 25 highest grossing movies in India. unlike in america the best Indian movies are the highest grossing and they are also usually the newer movies as well for instance three movies that came out in November and December are already in the top ten highest grossing. this new year i also plan to do a lot of reading for Christmas I received the complete set of the Aubrey Maturin series which is twenty books long but the books are great you can learn a lot about sailing in the early eighteen hundreds as well as having fun reading the intense naval battles.


James Bond

I personally love to watch all the old James bonds and with the news of the new James bond movie me and my sister have decided to watch all the old ones. The amazing part of James bond is how long the character has lasted not even including the books by Ian Fleming the movies have been around for just over fifty years with six different actors. i find it funny that the British made a movie series (James bond) and a t.v. show (doctor Who) that both managed to last fifty years and everyone just accepts that the actor will change. the funny thing is that the actor in the most James bonds was actually Desmond Llewellyn who didn’t even play James bond he played q but appeared with the first five bonds and was in seventeen movies. my personal favorite part of the James bond movies is the Aston martins I love whenever there’s a new bond movie and they release that the newest Aston martin will be in it. the Aston martin is by far the ultimate spy car it doesn’t stand out like a Lamborghini but its still cool and extremely fast.

Edited story

This is a short scene i wrote for class and revised


“This” John said sweeping his arm through the air “This is what ignorance does”

“there’s no need to get so dramatic just because no one wants to watch your Four and a half hour movie” said Allison

“im am simply disturbed” said John “that you are refusing to watch a movie just because it is in a language that you dont understand”

“No john we dont want to watch laggan because its almost five hours and is about indians playing cricket”

“With that attitude why would we watch remember the titans its just a movie about highschollers playing football”

“the key is that remember the titans is about football which is an interesting sport unlike cricket”

“Fine i guess we might as well watch a movie then”

“okay what do want to do instead”

“teach you how to play cricket”


I love to watch Bollywood movies in fact over the last three months i have watched probably around twelve Bollywood movies and four american movies. the best part about Bollywood is how over the top they go no matter what genre. if its a comedy they try and make it as stupidly funny and put in as meany jokes as possible. if its an action thriller they will blow up any car they can get there hands on there will be a normal car crash and the both cars will burst into flame and explode for no apparent reason. the best thing by far however is when they do songs and line dance numbers. whenever an important event happens to signify its importance they will add a song into the scene and do whatever they want during the song. it does not matter one second they will be in new York then the next second they will be on a mountain top in the north of India singing.  i also like the story lines the Bollywood story lines always keep me guessing in american movies i can usually figure out the entire plot and how it ends in the first twenty minutes of the movie but i cant do it in Bollywood movies because usually the story will somehow flip at the intermission and things will happen that you were not expecting, and that’s why i keep watching them. so i can figure out what the twist will be.


A dream is a far away goal that you have in mind. they are called dreams because they are so far away from what the average person can attain it seems unrealistic for you to shoot for it. As ones live progresses you slowly refine the dreams that you had as a kid the dreams into dreams that are more manageable. For example when your a seven and your good at basketball your dream might be to become the next Micheal Jordan but then as you grow up you change to having your dream be just to play in the NBA instead. this is a good thing because it cushions the disappointment that you feel when you fail to attain your dream however it cannot eliminate your disappointment when you do inevitably fail at one point or another. you feel this disappointment because our dreams are a reflection of us trying to become the best version of ourselves and when we fail at that it is like when someone tells you that your not as cool as you think you are. However on the flip side when we do attain the dreams we set out for it feels us with a feeling of invincibility like yo can do anything and no one can stop you. in the end the point of a dream is to make you feel good


Back when I was twelve me and my family moved from Boston to Utah. I hated the idea because I loved everything about Boston and I knew nothing about Utah. All I knew was I loved baseball and walking around the old city. I loved getting lunch at Regina’s pizza and grabing a cannoli at Mike’s pastry for dessert. But then I moved to Utah and I realized how awesome it is. I found I loved to snowboard and that salt lake might not have Regina’s but it was still fun to walk around with my friends there. I realized the secret to moving to a new place was just embracing all that the new place has to offer.


Most people will tell you that its a good thing to conquer your fears but what if it isn’t? fear is a vital part of human society that keeps everyone happy and stops people from becoming murderers. for example there are people in the world who would break the law if they thought they wouldn’t get caught. mow what if all these people conquered there fears of prison and went and started to murder people they didn’t like. this would result in a break down of society. if no one is afraid to die or go to prison then crime would run rampant and we would all die. so for the sake of civilization please DO NOT conquer your fears